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1964 Airstream Bambi II 17' "Betty Jane" interior by Kristiana Spaulding







When I was working on the design of this empty trailer, I needed to come up with a multi-purpose solution. I needed a hangout space, mobile shop, and rental trailer.
The space needed to be cozy and personalized, and at the same time, I needed the trailer to be chameleon-like and fit the needs of my clients on commercial shoots. 

The solution was to design modular furniture that could be removed for versatility between camping and rentals. 

The recycled redwood panels on the seats covering the wheel wells can be switched out for a different material if necessary for a different look on a commercial shoot.

Lightweight items, like clothing and extra bedding are stored under the bed behind the access door.  Sleek roller shades were contributed by the Shade Store. They are multi-purpose as shades, gallery ledge for my photos on aluminum, and projector screen.

The front desk is made of locally sourced barn wood and has removable legs. Fruit crates from a local orchard and vintage suitcases are used as storage. The coffee table is a diy with a piece of local barn wood. 

This Airstream was gutted and waiting to be rebuilt when I bought it.  The aluminum walls were partially painted with Zolatone, a paint finish used on many vintage Airstreams.

The walls were then stripped and polished, and the end caps, made of fiberglass, were painted with silver automotive paint to brighten up the space.

Silver Trailer Mobile Shop

Here are my fabulous customers looking at jewelry in the Airstream at open studios in San Francisco. The bed was temporarily removed and two tables to match the barn wood desk are installed for display.

Hangout & camping space:

Last but certainly not least, the coffee table comes out, the dog bed goes in & Pony girl and I camp at Lake Casitas after a SafeCo T.V. commercial shoot. 

Design by Kristiana Trow Spaulding
Photos ŠAlison Turner Photography
Photo of Osa ŠKristiana Spaulding